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Helpful sites on Midwifery, Childbirth, Parenting, and Related Products:

New Hampshire Midwives' Association (NHMA):

Homebirth midwives in and around New Hampshire

Midwives' Alliance of North America (MANA):

Source of information on midwifery as it is practiced in the United States; includes legislative updates, listings of member midwives, and explanations of midwifery for the uninitiated.

Citizens for Midwifery

Grassroots organization dedicated to the acknowledgement of Midwifery as a standard of care for pregnant women.

Midwifery Today

Website of the magazine, with links to resources, people, places, and products relating to midwifery.

Gentlebirth Archives

Articles on homebirthing, medical and non-medical aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, all from a non-interventionalist standpoint.

La Leche League International (LLLI)

Comprehensive source of information on breastfeeding, its benefits, how-to's, listings of local LLL chapters, and archives of articles by mothers and support persons.


"Your best source for birth, babies, doulas, childbirth and more!" Perinatal Education Associates provides education and quality childbirth-related products to both the lay consumer and professional consumer.

David Churcher Photography

Professional photography -- lovely section on mothers-to-be.

Attachment Parenting International

Brief introduction to "attachment parenting."

More sites will be added soon; if you have any to suggest, please contact the webmistress.