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Comments taken from the Gentle Birth Midwife Archives:

...Have the small, short horseshoe padded stool and a DeBy. Love the small one for dads or midwives to sit on if mom isn't! ... I love the stools for the placenta! The DeBy can be high, but we usually have 3 attendants and someone just holds the fracture pan up.

...We used the DeBy stool and I liked it just fine. I don't think it changed the tears much one way or the other. I do tend to keep hands off pretty much anyhow and especially on the stool, and found mostly no or 1st degrees. They sure look worse though while they're still sitting on the stool! We tried to avoid long periods on the stool without standing, walking or lying. Usually they just used it to bring the baby down or to get it out.

...I have used both the dutch stool and the deBy. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. ... The deBy is a little tall for some women. It is open on all sides and it is easy to see what is happening and to get to the baby. It is so light that sometimes you need to hold it down if the woman is pushing away from it. It is a nice height to support a woman squatting. The seat is padded and tends to be more comfortable than the dutch stool. The thing I like the most about it is that I can carry on my back like a backpack and with straps on all of my other equipment I can carry everything in one trip. Both are easy to clean. Women either love them or hate them no matter which type. The deBy is Much cheaper than the dutch stool and comes with a nice video to loan out to clients. I prefer the deBy but if someone offered me a dutch stool half price I would take it too.