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Testimonials from professionals who have had experience with the Support in the United States:

After only a few months, we now have a Support in every birth suite, and we love it! The nurses use it all the time for second stage and the doctors are amazed at how efficiently it helps bring the baby's head down. Several have even done births on it. It's a standard option now at Portsmouth Hospital.

- Karen Kelley, RN, Assistant Nurse Manager,
Obstetrics Department, Portsmouth Regional Hospital, Portsmouth, NH

Finally a cure for the posterior position! I tried everything to get rotation but the frustration persisted. With the deBy Birth Support we are seeing rotation and descent in labors that without it, would end in C-section. Even the most traditional of obstetricians are using it because they know it's dropping their c-section and forceps rates. The doctors at my hospital all chipped in to buy more Supports. They wanted to be sure each birth room had one!

- Diane Borner, CNM
Frisbie Memorial Hospital, Rochester, NH

The first woman I had give birth on it was amazed and said "I would never have a baby any other way!!"

- Vicky McGarrell, CNM
Wentworth Douglass Hospital, Dover, NH

I have always hated birthing stools and, up until now, usually refused to use them. It seemed whatever was gained by a stimulated squatting position was more than lost by the pressure they inevitably exert on the sacrum. This tool is a miracle of design. It keeps the legs apart, helps the perineum relax, and allows full sacral mobility. The style is elegant and unobtrusive, it is easy to clean, as well as being light and easy to carry (just throw it over your shoulder, leaving your hands for other equipment). I am completely delighted!

- Ann Frye, Midwife
New Haven, CT

I borrowed the deBy Birth Support once and using it for a few births convinced me! I got one for myself immediately and now use it in my practice about 75% of the time. Women see it and they know it will work for them! GREAT RESULTS!!

- Laurie Foster, Midwife
Norwich, VT

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