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A message from Cilia...

Silhouette of chairWelcome to the home page of the deBy Birth Support! I would like to introduce you to an exciting new way to support the women in your practice. They will give birth more efficiently and powerfully when they are unable to stand or squat for long periods during their labors and births.

As a woman who has given birth on the deBy birth Support, and a professional who has worked with women as a midwife doing homebirths, I am excited by the possibilities the Support offers birthing women and their families. I hope you will learn to share my enthusiasm as you read on about the deBy Birth Support. I can tell you from personal experience: it's great!

The deBy Birth Support is a new variation on an old theme, as you will see. It is a sleekly designed aid for labor and birth, designed by my dear friend Conny deBy, a midwife from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and brought back to the United States by me. In the Netherlands, the c-section rate is under 7% and vertical birth is the norm in most settings.

This aid to laboring and giving birth vertically is a sturdy, lightweight, simply elegant stainless steel frame designed with the comfort of the laboring woman and the practitioner in mind. It promotes faster and more natural labor and births and thereby helps avoid long, exhausting labors.

The deBy Birth Support is different from other birth chairs you may have seen or used, in that it supports the forward-leaning position, using hand grasps that add other vital dimensions to the birth chair idea. Its lightweight, open design allows the practitioner easy visualization and access to the woman and baby for monitoring and emergency birth maneuvers.

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